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Women Co-operators in the years following The Great War

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Event Title: Days of Hope: Women Co-operators in the years following the First World War.
Venue: The Learning Loft, Rochdale Pioneers Museum, Toad Lane, Rochdale, Lancs.
Time: Thursday 12 November at 3-5 pm.

With the future of politics to be ‘decided in the social, economic and industrial circumstances brought upon us by war’, the Co-operators’ Yearbook reminded its readers that the ‘crowning fact’ of 1918 had been the extension of the parliamentary vote to women over the age of thirty. As property restrictions were abolished, the British electorate more than doubled to 21 million, including 8.5 million newly enfranchised women. In this ‘tidal wave of democracy’, the Co-operators’ Yearbook looked forward to a future in which people would regain control of their lives, reclaim ‘civil liberties and customary rights’ and take responsibility for organising society and the economy on their own terms and in their own interests.

Pauline Hadaway, Researcher in Residence with the National Co-operative Archive, has been exploring the Co-operators’ Yearbooks (1917-1922) to discover the contribution of women co-operators to the project of rebuilding society and the economy as Britain emerged from the turmoil of the Great War. From grassroots initiatives and campaigns to international movements what were these new political actors thinking, writing, making and doing during the brief ‘days of hope’ that followed war, revolution and the collapse of the old world order?

Join Pauline to hear about some early findings and take part in a conversation exploring her research interests, in the light of the social, cultural and political currents that shaped the post World War One world. Aimed at anyone with a relevant interest or knowledge, whether academic or personal, the event is an opportunity to contribute ideas, thoughts, personal knowledge and stories or simply to find out more about a research project at an early stage of development. All are welcome.

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